August 3-4, Bread of Life Christian Church, Chino CA

這是一場不可錯過的北美聖經研習特會!邀請到的重量級講員邁克儒德(Michael Rood),他將以四福音書按照時間順序,排列出主耶穌服事時期所行的每件事。您將驚訝的發現耶穌所行的每一件事,皆與猶太節期息息相關,乃是天父透過愛子耶穌來應驗祂所制定的節期。神的話如此奇妙!八月三號及四號就讓邁克帶你穿越時空,一起回到耶穌時代吧!

The Chronological Gospels reorganize Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts and Revelation in chronological order. You can see what Jesus Christ was doing each day of His ministry. As you follow along the timeline of His sermons, miracles and the last days, hours and moments before crucifixion, you will be amazed by the fact that all the things Jesus were doing at these moments in time synchronized with the seven feasts of the Lord, namely Jesus the Son of God fulfilled the feasts that God the Father had ordained in Leviticus 23. From August 3~4, Michael Rood will expand your horizons by unfolding the motion picture of the Messiah’s ministry before your eyes like you’ve never been able to experience before. If you have ever desired to genuinely know your Messiah, this is what you have been waiting.  

特會宣傳片 #1 (雙語)
Promote Video #1 (Biligual)
特會宣傳片 #2 (中文)
Promote Video #2 (Chinese)
特會宣傳片 #3(雙語)
Promote Video #3 (Biligual)
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